Thursday, April 17, 2008

Up to date, not up to snuff.

Well it has been a while since the last post. I might as well just give a brief overview of what went down. The Make The Cut program is over.

I had seen the physio last month for the pain that had developed in my back, which was aggravated by the running clinic I took in January. She had suggested some simple bending and stretching exercises. I had a few sessions with her which included one of those machines that send shocks through your muscles but the last time I was there I think it was on too high. My next appointment with her is next week, but honestly, the pain is getting worse, not better.

At first I had thought I was over-training. I started from one workout a week to 6 workouts a week, so maybe I just went too far! After taking one week off to recover (except for kungfu... I can't miss kungfu!) the stiffness just didn't go away. I'm learning that its just muscle stiffness but it seems to be a muscle that just won't release. I've seen my Chiropractor and my spine is moving good, but the left side is stiff due to the muscles. I've seen my family doctor and he took blood and urine samples as well as me having an ultrasound... apparently they're all negative because I haven't heard anything.

Another interesting quirk is that I've lost quite a bit of weight. Well, some people say its quite a bit but really, I had gained almost 10 pounds just before Christmas when I was taking a computer class and I've lost all that weight already. Apparently it isn't hard for me to lose weight, which doesn't make S any happier so close the wedding... she has reached her weight goals but she still isn't happy. So basically I stopped going to the gym regularly and I try to eat more because I'm not gaining any weight and we want to make sure I don't lose anymore. One of my co-workers I hadn't seen for 6 months or so recently ran into me and the first thing she said was "You have got to stop losing weight."... and that was before she even said hi!

So, now that the nice weather is here I walk home from work more now so about once or twice a week I'll walk 45 minutes home. Tried a Body Pump class at the gym and liked it... it was a good work out I just had to be careful of my back. I did start taking aspirin and Robaxacet when my back gets bad, and actually it does help me sleep a little better!

I think primarily though, I need to get another massage appointment and buy a new pair of shoes for the season. Old shoes can wreak havoc on your back! In the mornings I am now doing light stretches and I am trying to focus on core exercises (when I exercise) or at least do a few crunches or pushups so I can strengthen my back.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top snacks that won't ruin your diet.

I just came across this article by Tanya that she wrote last year where she reviews some snack foods that are low in sugar and calories.

Turns out her blog won HealthCastle's award for a top diet blog. I'll definitely try and get more information out of her in the future!