Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 5: Make The Cut

Kashi for breakfast, forgot the eggs. Lunch was salad leftovers. Very good but oniony and garlic.
Dinner: Chicken mole with green beans... a combination of chili powder and cocoa powder was quite good!

  • Helped S cook it, also made lunches for tomorrow (since thursdays are very busy).
  • Got home, shoveled some snow from the end of the driveway (we got dumped on, 20 cm!) went to Acupuncture, visited my volunteer job to say I couldn't make it for next week, came home, did dishes, helped with the burrito wraps, set up the recycling and garbage, then rested for a bit.
  • 9:30: time to work out. S moving hers by one day. Spent 30 minutes reading up on the exercises to find out how to do them! They are a repeat of the exercises I was supposed to do Sunday. Realized again that we need the gym for some of them so hope to join on Friday.
  • Completed 1 set of all 5 circuits and it was 10:30 so decided to call it quits. Made a protein smoothy, wrote this entry, and went to bed!

    Protein smoothy:
  • 1 large glass of soy milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop Greens+ chocolate protein powder
  • blend!

    Also tried to visualize the protein building up my muscles. You just never know about that stuff... they say it worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 4: Pushing Hard

S (my fiancee) and I did the workout while watching the Biggest Loser! Except this time Jillian wasn't shown until the end of that episode. Living room was too small for both of us to be doing a half hour work out with free weights in, so we'll definitely need to join a gym.

At the end of the session we realized we were supposed to do all 5 ciruits twice! Right now we could not make it all the way through the second time... only up to circuit 2 so there is definitely room for improvement.

PS: Beef wraps for lunch were awesome!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 3

Today was our first day off from the work out. The Make The Cut program is great because it is well laid out, even including its break days! I had a physio appointment for my back which included some simple bending exercises and time with a heating pad. Tried the cottage cheese recipe for breakfast and did not like it! So I had Kashi :)

Luckily the cottage cheese is required for another recipe. Maybe its better when its mixed into something.

Yesterday I was really feeling the pain from the Saturday workout, which means it was a good work out!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 2: Not perfect but good!

Today I skipped the book workout because of kungfu, I take basically what are semi-private lessons with a teacher named Grand Master Pan. He is very famous in China and Europe, has been in movies, and has achieved the highest rank of Wushu judge available. During that class we learned a style called Xing Yi and we also learned a bit of Tai Chi.

Its not your typical Taoist Tai Chi though. We're learning Yang Style Tai Chi, and the way my teacher teaches it (like everything else he teaches) has direct martial applications. These applications make it easier to understand the moves. There is one move in particular that in Taoist Tai Chi they would say it is like taking your pulse... the Yang Style method interpretation of the same move is quite different!

We did have great food which was the lamb recipe... the food is so good in this program! My fiancee has also been doing well on the program.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Make The Cut: Day 1

So here is how Day 1 of the program went!

Had a good breakfast with my fiancee which was part of the plan and included Kashi Go Lean cereal and two egs. Then had lunch with my friends Al & Megan at our favourite chinese food place which was definitely not on the plan. Later I made dinner of Moroccan chicken from a recipie in the book which was awesome.

Also got friends to sign passport applications for our upcoming honeymoon which we intend to take in Ireland.
My total calories for the day was 1400 kcal.