Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make the Cut: First measurements

The first step in the Make the Cut program (and really, any other fitness program worth its salt) includes taking measurements and a short fitness test. Here are my results:

Weight: 155 lbs (was at 164 just after Christmas)

bust: 36 inches... mmm maybe not a necessary measurement for men
chest: 33.25"
waist: 32.5" (I used to have a 36 inch waist about 10 years ago)
hips: 36"
right thigh: 21.5"
left thigh: 22.5"
right arm: 10.25"
left arm: 11"

Fitness test:
After 3 minutes step: 88bpm (Good)
Pushups: 9 (Below average)
Situps: 26 (Poor)
Wall sit: 56 sec (almost good.. aka Below Average)
90 = Excellent (in May last year I had done 109 sec.. back when I had 2 kung fu classes a week)
60 = Good. Well at least something shoot for

So, clearly I need to be working out! Actually I had gone back to the gym last May to get another fitness test, but I didn't go to the gym as much as I should have so there was not much improvement. I definitely remember being in better shape when I had two kung fu classes a week, but the cost became prohibitive (as I'm taking semi-private lessons) so for now, its just once a week and I need to focus on getting to the gym to practice more on my own.

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