Monday, August 18, 2008

Thirsty? Free Water! Relationships and Spiritual growth

In my mailbox today I found an interesting article on spiritual growth, and its affect on relationships. I have been a long time believer in the possibility that as you grow, those around you don't necessarily always grow with you. Over time, your circle of friends changes. You make new friends, and those that have stood by you for years (or even decades!) gently fall away. With any luck the breaks are peaceful in nature, or at the very least not heart wrenching. Perhaps they become the kind of friend whom you don't see or contact very often, but when you do its like not much has changed between you!

Basically, we have to learn that even though we are on this incredible, and sometimes scary journey, we can't bring everyone with us. We can't force spirituality down anyone's throat anymore than others try to convert us to any mainstream (or alternative!) religion... or favourite food!

Read more at Empowered Soul by reading Andrea's article on spiritual growth and relationships.

Woo, didn't mean to get too deep there at the end! Let me know what you thought of the post.

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