Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another 3 KM down...

Another 3KM down and many more to go!

My wife and I just got back from our first run of the season. We thought we could continue running into the fall, but since our last running clinic ended in late summer we just didn't make it back out with the group. Running without a running group is just not possible for us it seems... although this summer we'll try a bit harder!

The challenge now is that we are going to sign up for an upcoming 10K clinic. I'm a little nervous about it, although my last 5K race ended in good condition with me hitting a time of under 32 minutes. I had intended to continue to build more of a base by doing another 5K clinic but we'll see how this goes. The 10K just fits into our schedule a bit better.

So tonight we did many laps around our local rec centre. We just learned two weeks ago (while attending a Yoga For Home yoga-thon) that the Rec Centre was open for public running. I never thought about it before, but a running track has its own specific rules, including running the other direction on alternate days (to avoid injury).

I found it was rough going almost immediately. I had a minor stitch pretty much the whole time, and my left knee started hurting so I slowed it down. All day my right knee had been acting up but its fine now! Luckily I'm off to the chiro tomorrow.

Today's tip: When running indoors, always make sure you have enough water. Many people bring water whenever they run and I'm sure there is nothing wrong with that, but in general if you are exercising for under 30 minutes having more water during the exertion would not normally be necessary.

It was hard at first, but now I feel good about ourselves that we pushed to make it out tonight. The wife has just come off her cold and we had put it off far too long already. Besides, the new clinic starts in one week!

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