Wednesday, June 3, 2009

100 Mile Challenge Local Wheat

I know its been a while since my last post. Things are busy, and one of my other blogs has more of a return on investment so to speak, but there are definitely thinking heating up in the fitness and wellness area.

For instance, I started as the instructor for a 5K running clinic last week through the Running Room! Today we are running 3K as part of Tim Horton's Camp Day... so the treats at the end should be great!

Also, my wife and I are going to take part in the 100 Mile Diet Challenge being put on by two local Naturopaths here in town. Really great intro meeting (they had to turn people back at the doors due to limited seating) and there will be a site put up soon where people can post questions.

[edit: the site is now up and you can reach Micheal and Rachel's 100 Mile Challenge blog here ]

For example, did you know it can be difficult to find locally grown and made pasta? Well, now here's an article from the Globe And Mail with the story of two farmers who filled a need: Noodles Fresh From The Farm.

To learn more about the 100 Mile Challenge, read the blog by visiting The Healing Path Center for Natural Medicine.

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