Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Running Week 4: 6K down

Just got back from my second run this week. Tonight's 6K was a lot harder than some of the other runs in the past few weeks. Sunday we did 8K for the first time. I was feeling good in the beginning, although at the halfway point I was breathing heavier than I normally do. The 8K end ok, except we got stopped for directions after 7K and that caused a delay in our time! No biggie though, I'm in it for the long haul. We'll be doing a few more 8Ks on the weekends but we will be increasing to 10K in just under two weeks.

So I was sore for the past few days after that 8K. There is a pain in my left foot where I thought the lacing was digging into the top of my foot, so today I altered the lacing to help the problem. Hopefully it worked... I guess I'll find out over the next few days.

Today I started feeling good but it was a busy morning. Then I felt really tired and ot feeling well after work so I slept after dinner for a short nap, then out to the talk before the run. This week was a discussion by the main massage therapist at the local sports medicine clinic on injury avoidance. He's worked with many high-level and Olympic level racers, and the discussion focused around the difference between rookie runners and experienced runners. The difference is that veteran is that veterans are more open to taking advantage of "pre-habilitation". Things like running in a pool, getting regular massage therapy and other tactics that can help minimize pain and improve mobility BEFORE injury strikes. Armed with this knowledge, we can all become veterans now matter how many miles we rack up each week.

PS: Watching Biggest Loser again... man Jillian Michaels looks good in that jacket!

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