Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 2: Not perfect but good!

Today I skipped the book workout because of kungfu, I take basically what are semi-private lessons with a teacher named Grand Master Pan. He is very famous in China and Europe, has been in movies, and has achieved the highest rank of Wushu judge available. During that class we learned a style called Xing Yi and we also learned a bit of Tai Chi.

Its not your typical Taoist Tai Chi though. We're learning Yang Style Tai Chi, and the way my teacher teaches it (like everything else he teaches) has direct martial applications. These applications make it easier to understand the moves. There is one move in particular that in Taoist Tai Chi they would say it is like taking your pulse... the Yang Style method interpretation of the same move is quite different!

We did have great food which was the lamb recipe... the food is so good in this program! My fiancee has also been doing well on the program.

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